skUnity Community Server

skUnity Community Server is a fun new place where the gang can hang out and have some fun.
Its a survival multiplayer server, you can claim land and build your home, join some jobs and earn some money, head to the shop and buy some stuff, and so much more.

Note: Ignore all the links for "commands" .... this is automatically done by the wiki.

Here are some details about the server.


We have 3 main worlds for the players to use:
- Earth (Main world - You can claim land here and build your base - This world is generated using EpicWorldGenerator)
- Resource (A resettable world that you can use to your hearts extent. Mine, hunt, loot buildings, gather wood, do basically whatever you want, no holds barred. You can get here by typing /warp resource GO NUTS - NOTE: Land Claiming is turned off in this world.)
- Hell (The nether, that about sums it up. NOTE: Land Claiming is turned off in this world)
We have decided not to include The End. It serves such a small purpose and very few people generally use it. Instead, we will include the import things from this world in our server shop.

Land Claiming:
Each player starts off with 100 claim blocks. You earn 100 more blocks each hour of game play (you must actively play, you won't earn blocks when standing still - the claim blocks earned will actually be doled out every 5 minutes)
The first time you place a chest, you will automatically claim a 9x9 area around that chest. This is to help get you started.
You can use a wooden shovel to claim new areas or expand your current ones. Simply right click on the ground for your first corner and same for the second corner. To expand, grab a stick, click in your claim. This will show your claim border. Right click your shovel on the corner you want to expand, and right click on where you would like your new corner to be.

If you right-click on the ground with a stick, it will show the claim you are standing in, and the owner.
If you shift-right-click on the ground, it will show all claims close to you.

Watch this SHORT VIDEO for a quick explanation on how this system works.

Useful commands for land claiming:
/claimslist - shows your current claims as well as how many claim blocks you have left.
/accesstrust <player> - This allows you to add a friend to your claim, giving them access trust (The can open doors, gates, use buttons and levers)
/containertrust <player> - Inherits access trust but gives the player access to any containers, including chests and furnaces
/trust <player> - Inherits container trust but gives the player access to building and breaking blocks in your claim.
/permissiontrust - This gives the player access to adding other players to your claim
/trustlist - Shows a list of players trusted in your claim, and their level of trust
/abandonclaim - This is how you get rid of a claim, Stand inside a claim, type this and you will give up that claim.
For more see HERE

Subdividing land claims:
Watch this SHORT VIDEO for an explanation on how you can subdivide your land claims (He does a better job explaining it that me)

McMMo adds a whole bunch of fun things to the server. You gain abilities as you use certain tools and do certain actions. You can then activate your abilities by right clicking on the appropriate tool. (ex: If you right click on your axe, you have a few seconds to take down a whole tree) The more you use your tool, the more time you gain for this tool.
more details to come


You can easily set a home by typing /sethome <name of home>. You can then easily teleport there by typing /home <name of home>. You can delete homes /delhome <name of home>. And lastly you can see a list of your homes using /homes

Jobs is pretty straight forward. You can join jobs, earn some money, buy things from other players, or buy things from our server shop. You can also buy more claim blocks if you are running low.
Some commands:
/jobs - Shows all available jobs commands
/jobs browse (Shows a gui with list of jobs you can join, and what each job pays)
/jobs join <job> - Used to join a job (Can also be done in the gui)
/jobs leave <job> - Used to leave a job

PvP has been turned on in all worlds. The only place you will be safe is at the spawn or in land claims. It's a survival server after all. But we do have some little notes about PvP.
- Combat Mode - Once you hit a player both of you will enter combat mode for 15 seconds. During this time, you are not protected from PvP even if you go into a land claim. If you log out during this time, you will die.
I guess that about sums it up.

Griefing is allowed on the server outside of land claims. To prevent getting your stuff griefed, make sure to claim your land and only trust players in your claim that you actually trust. Staff will not roll back damage created by players. It is your duty to take care of your claims.

- Please follow all of skUnity's general rules (yes I know these are forum rules, but they generally apply)
- Keep swearing to a minimum.
- Treat all players and staff with respect
- Breaking rules will result in a punishment. Bans are generally a last resort, but if they are deserved they will be doled out.
- Rules may expand as time moves on, it is in your best interest to stay up to date whether by visiting this page often or using /rules in game

Player Ranks

This is the base rank you get when you join the server
  • 3 set homes
  • 3 max jobs
  • Access to warps

This rank is matched up with donators on skUnity (If you are a donator on this website and would like your in game donator rank, send me (ShaneBee) a PM or @Ping me on discord)
  • 6 set homes
  • 5 max jobs
  • /nick (Set their own nickname with color)
  • /ChatColor (Change the color of your chat)
  • /ChatFormat (Format your chat with bold, underline, italics)
  • /pWeather (Set your client side weather)
  • /pTime (Set your client side time)

Mod's main job is to watch over the players, keep everything in check. Mods can ban, temp ban, mute and kick players.

Admins are here to watch the server as a whole, keeping an eye on players and staff.

Head Admin:
Head admins are the heads of the server. They are in charge of players, staff as well as all the backend stuff for the server.