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Resource Standards

Resources created that pre-date the Resource Standards and Resource Staff Team are exempt from them. This may change, but for now, we will not be affecting Resources that long ago.

For resources posted and created on skUnity, we have a set of standards which must be met. While you may see this as us going against new contents, were instead ensuring content is of good standard, easily understandable and benefits everyone on skUnity.

These standards set below are intended to control and regulate all content on skUnity to ensure that content is not spam or just a general waste. These standards allow you to know how to best post your resource in order to get maximum user interaction through easy to understand rules.

Here is an overview of each section we look at when you post a resource:

Resource Name
When submitting a resource, try and give it a name which easily describes what it is. You're allow to decorate the name of the resource, but just be sure to include what your resource actually does in a very short title. For example, I have a resource called "IPLookup". The use of IPLookup immediately tell the reader what that resource is. When you submit a resource, we do review the title to ensure that it matches the content. If the title is misleading, your resource was probably denied.

Tag line
These is a combination of the resource name and description. You can create a little tag line for your resource, allowing users to know what your resource is, without actually having to view it. Keep it short and sweet, but provide as much information as possible.

Resource Type
You can either upload a file or use a link to another site (can be a page like or a direct download like). Uploading a file then means your file is put on the skUnity server and ready straight away. We'll handle the rest! If you link to another site, be sure that the link is allowed in the About Resources page. Abuse of the external link feature may result in punishment. We also monitor resources to ensure that only good quality content is being put on skUnity. We may deny your submission if we believe your content doesn't suit skUnity. All content submitted, must be yours or you have proof (which you can show us, if we request). Spam, adult content, malicious material or other content which isn't related to Skript or skUnity will be denied. If we're unable to access your file through the external site you link, we might deny or temporarily unapprove your resource until we can access it.

This is the main part of your resource submission. A good, detailed description, which not only includes an overview of your resource, but commands, permissions and features, is vital. We require that you create a somewhat-detailed resource description. We're not asking for fancy graphics, gifs of it in-game or anything above average. Just please, explain your resource. We will not approve resources which are "fully automatic" and don't have anymore information about them. If you don't want users nagging at you, then give a detailed description.

Terms and Conditions
You, as a copyright holder, have rights with the content you submit. However, when posting to skUnity, we have rules on what you can and cannot say for what a user can do with your resource. We actively encourage professional workings from all content creators. This means, you cannot deny someone to view your script or decompile your addon jar. Once it's downloaded, they can do as please. You can, however, say that people aren't allowed to post your content anywhere else (this is a given by the way, you don't need to put it). Do note, we review and take T&C's seriously. You cannot overrule skUnity's terms and conditions either. Those are top level and override whatever is put on a resources page. You must also be aware that the legality of terms and conditions on a resource page is heavily disputed. Without proper consent from the user, they may not apply at all. UK law for example, requires user consent to agree to terms and conditions when downloading a file.

Resource Icon and other graphics
We have to ensure skUnity is protected on all fronts in relation to intellectual property and copyright. All imagery that you upload must be yours or you have permission to use (with proof which we can see, if requested). Using content which isn't yours and you lack proof to prove otherwise, will result in account punishment. Further incidents of this can result in complete account termination and being banned from skUnity Forums. We do not take this situation lightly.

Disallowed Content
Some content within the resource page and the actual resource uploaded is disallowed. We're trying not to be restrictive or controlling on content creators (we love you guys, honest!), however, we believe that there are somethings not suited for skUnity.
  • Don't link away
    • Linking to external sites that are not related to the content, that are another download page of the content or take away the use of skUnity, is not allowed. We ask you do not use SpigotMC as a download link or have links such as "View on Spigot", "View on Spigot for latest updates!". This applies to all external links. Users are on skUnity and shouldn't have to go anywhere but skUnity to get the latest content. The majority of the Skript Community lives here. No need to split it up.

  • Forced content/Spam
    • Please do not create content for the sake of it. Create something worthwhile that really solves something. Not just random things. We may start denying your resource submissions until you start creating content that has a real use.

  • Obfuscated content
    • Tools exist that allow you to obfuscate your content. We believe in a free and open resource section and while we do allow people to create obfuscation tools which can be uploaded onto skUnity, we do not allow obfuscated content.

Premium Resources
While we actively encourage developers to post free resources for the benefit of the entire skUnity Community, we do allow Premium Resources. As Premium Resources are intended to create a profit for the creator, we have set requirements in order to prevent abuse of this system. Currently the requirements are:
  • A good quality script
    • This means not repeating code, misuse of variables and other things typically seen as poor coding.

  • Been a member on the forums for 3+ months
    • We do not want discourage new members from being able to post in the Premium Resources section, but it doesn't come across as you caring about the community and instead just wanting to line your pockets

  • Have at least 2 free Resources
    • This relates back to the minimum membership time. Premium Resources do not directly benefit the community. As such, you're required to benefit the community in order to benefit yourself.

Why was my resource denied?
Read all of the above and then come check these points below:
  • Title
    • Was your title misleading?
    • Does your title not really describe your resource well?
    • Was your title spammy?

  • Tag Line
    • Did you provide an informative tag line?
    • Was your tag line misleading or uninformative?

  • Resource Type
    • Did you link to an outside site which isn't allowed?
    • Did you upload the wrong file?
    • Was your resource good quality?
    • If it was a script, was it under 25 lines or not fully featured? If so the Snippets Category is for that.
    • Could we access the file on the external site?

  • Description
    • Was your description well written, easy to understand and cover multiple points?
    • Did it include unrealistic terms? Or was there something which attempted to overrule something set by skUnity?
    • Did it include graphics which we noticed weren't yours?

  • Resource Icon and other graphics
    • Do you own all rights to the graphics you're using?
    • Are there any images which aren't yours?
    • Did you upload the wrong image?

  • Resource content
    • Does your resource actually provide anything resourceful?
    • Is your resource obfuscated? Obfuscated content isn't allowed

After going through that list, double check your resource meets the criteria. If you're unsure as to why exactly your resource was denied, please contact a Member of Staff (not @skUnity, it's a testing account). Please also include a link to your resource so we can tell you why exactly it was denied.

If you have any questions about the above, please contact @BaeFell.

skUnity reserves the right to change all of the above, with or without reason. Adding and removing to the Resource Standards. It's up to you to stay updated with them. We may deny a resource for a reason not present on the Resource Standards, but will try and inform you as to why. Just because it isn't above, doesn't mean you're allowed to do it. Think before you act and if completely unsure, PM @BaeFell