About Resources

About Resources

Get your creations out there!

Resource Categories:

To allow Skript users to access the highest amount of tools for Skript, we allow the following resources to be uploaded to our site:
  • APIs (.sk files that allow you to do certain actions)
  • Addons (.jar files that add abilities to Skript)
  • Scripts (.sk files that create features for Skript)
  • skqAddons (.skqc files that hook into SkQuery)
  • Skript Tools (misc files/tools that allow you to make Skript easier)
  • Umbaska Modules (.jar files that hook into Umbaska 3)

All resources are reviewed and approved by our team, including finished scripts. This is because we want the best quality tools for our community.

Resource Restrictions:

  • When posting a script it must be equal to or over 25 lines. If there a specific reason why it's below, please state in the main post. Scripts that we find are not long enough will be removed and directed to the Snippets forum category.
  • Scripts must have reasonable code quality. By this we mean that you should code your scripts with a reasonable quality. For example:
    • Using loops correctly (not broadcasting "" 100 times)
    • Having unused variables
    • Having unnecessary code
    • There are others, but these are just a few

  • Do not repost existing scripts. Since our release, we have had many scripts posted. There are still many more being posted, many brand new, unseen ones. However there have been ones posted that already exist. If you post that already exists (such as a ClearChat) then we may lock/remove your thread. We're not trying to damper down your enthusiasm, but just to prevent loads of the same stuff being posted.
  • Do not allow or encourage piracy. Copyright exists for a reason.
  • Do not do anything malicious on the server, including (but not limited to), force op, backdoors, viruses, ransomware.
  • It has been made possible to obfuscate and encrypt scripts and plugins.
    • skUnity does not allow any obfuscated content or encrypted content on the site.
    • You can upload tools which obfuscate files, however, you must alert @BaeFell so a warning can be added that users cannot upload content obfuscated by those tools onto skUnity
    • There is a 1-warning system in place for this. Anyone found posting obfuscated content will be warned. If found again, their resource permissions will be revoked.

  • skUnity reserves the right to disallow, remove, hide and store any resource with or without consent from the author.

Downloading Options:

  • Xenforo has it's own way to upload files, you can do this when you are creating the resources. You can either use that to host your files or use some of our "approved sources":
    • SkriptRepo
    • Your own site (no advert content allowed)
    • Google Drive, OneDrive or other cloud based services
    • MEGA and other file hosting sites (see below please)

  • Here are some restrictions about what sites you can use and other info:
    • You cannot use any sort of ad-delay such as adf.ly
    • You cannot use any site that requires fake surveys to be completed
    • You cannot use any site that requires an account to be created to download the file
    • You cannot use any site that is heavily ad based
    • As some users are trying to get 'creative', you cannot post links that redirect around to illegal downloads or any of the restrictions. This also includes manual copy + paste or clicking such as pastebin of a link.

  • Please note: you cannot upload addons anywhere, including here, other any allowed site from above. Please only link to official download links. This is because of copyright law and it's easier to have 1 rule for everything, than a rule per addon.

Premium Content:

We do now allow Premium Content. For rules on these, please see the Resource Standards