Roles throughout the community

Below are all the roles you will see throughout the skUnity community. These roles are also carried over to other skUnity services, such as the Discord server.

Admin - Administrators are the top level staff. If you have a serious issue, then contact an admin. Current administrators: @BaeFell - @Wrong do not contact an admin asking for help with something like Skript. That is not the purpose of this rank.

Moderator - Moderators are the go-to staff. They approve resources, keep the forums clean and ensure people are happy on skUnity Forums. If you have an issue with something (again, not help related), then preferably contact a moderator before an admin. If you have an issue with a moderator, then contact an admin straight away.

Jr. Mod - Jr. Mod is stepping stone rank. It's given to people who are between a normal user and a moderator. People with this rank have some light-moderation powers in threads, but shouldn't be used a go-to staff member. Think of them as in-training. They might be able to help, but a moderator may be better at sorting the issue.

Helper - We give the Helper rank to users who have been helpful around skUnity Forums. People with this rank have a good insight of Skript and related resources. This rank is not staff related, but people with it have been specifically chosen. If you need help with something Skript related, these are your best people are you'll probably see them replying first to help threads.

Regular - Regular is an earned rank from being active on the forums. It's given automatically by xenForo. Like Helper, you might see Regular members answering help threads first.

Patron - Patrons are members who continuously support skUnity on a monthly basis.

Supporter - Supporters are the members have have supported skUnity with a one time donation.

Addon Developer - Addon Developers are, well, members that have released addons for Skript.