How to Submit Resources

How To Submit Resources

Submit your resource for downloading

Submitting a resource is really easy and should only take a few minutes to do! Follow the steps below to have a resource uploaded in no time!

  • Be sure you read About Resources and that you are in line with any of the rules provided
  • Go to the Resources page of the site
  • Click on the Add Resource button on the left
  • Select a resource category
  • Fill out the Title section, which requires a prefix (one provided) and a version
  • Enter a catchy tagline
  • Select how users will download your resource
  • Fill out the description with detailed information about your resource
    • Include what the resource is about, how to use it, any commands, syntax, etc that are included. If it is a script, be sure to include what addons and version of Skript you used.

  • Include any tags that can be used for searching
  • Include with Minecraft version your resource supports
  • (Optional) Include an informational webpage that might give users more information about the resource
  • (Optional) Include a support url where users can get support outside of skUnity (ie: Discord servers, Skype chats)
  • Upload a resource icon to help distinguish your resource from the rest
  • Preview!
  • Save!

Your resource will be uploaded and reviewed by a member of our staff.