Forum Rules

Forum Rules

Read before using any skUnity features or services

The skUnity forums and other services are a privilege, not a right. We have a zero tolerance policy for any trolls, bullying or disrespect. Each member of skUnity is expected to follow the forum rules at all times.

Forum Rules:
  • Keep all posts respectful
    • Use common sense and think twice before hitting submit. If you thinking someone might get offended, don't submit. It's as simple as that.

  • Post threads in proper categories and keep on-topic
    • Some categories may have posting requirements. These categories, such as those in the Skript help section, will have a notice displayed above all posts.
    • All posts should be kept on-topic with the thread you are posting in.
    • Any improperly categorized or off-topic posts may be moved to a new thread or removed all together.

  • Language and Swearing
    • Currently skUnity's only language supported is English. If you are interested in helping translate skUnity, please contact an administrator.
    • If you don't speak English, please try and use Google Translate while posting anywhere on skUnity. You can also post in your own language, then include a translated version under it.
    • Swearing, while allowed, should be limited. A post shouldn't have a swear as every other word.

  • Punishment Evasion
    • Alternate accounts are not allowed to evade a punishment and could result in a further punishment.
    • We will not discuss your punishment in a thread or a conversation. All punishment discussions should be

  • Advertisements
    • Sponsors and affiliate links are allowed, such as having a single image on your resource. However, signature advertising, dynamic advertising or other forms of advertising including things such as linking to other forums, are not allowed.


skUnity moderators are empowered to alter these guidelines based on the member's history.
  • Thread, reply or other post may be removed and a warning will be issued to the member
  • Depending on issued warnings, member may receive a short ban or have access to certain threads removed.
  • Members continuing to break rules may receive a longer ban (usually a few weeks)
  • Continued ignorance to our rules will receive a permanent ban from all skUnity services.

skUnity reserves the right to refuse entry to any user to skUnity and related skUnity services with or without reason.


Members can notify staff members of broken rules by clicking the _report_ button on threads. If something needs to be reported and it doesn't have the button, the member should start a conversation with an administrator.