[NBTSk] How to use NBTSk!

NBTSk for dummies

As I've recently uploaded NBTSk, I think is a moment to make a tutorial. When I'm writing this, the script is pending approval.

All you know what NBT Tags are, and we know that skript don't provide enough support for this stuff, so NBTSk works well for your server, because can store items in variables, and then you can call them in your codes.

For example, a custom head. Simply take it on your hand and put this command /ns save (id). This will save the ID (id) with that item

To call it, you can use this variable:

For example
set the player's helmet to {ns::burger}

This will make the item saved in ID burger to be placed on the player's head.
If you use TuSKe GUI, you can also use them:
command /ns-example2:
open virtual chest inventory with size 3 named "Example of NBTs" to the player
format gui slot 0 of player with {ns::lion} to close
format gui slot 1 of player with {ns::burger} to close

This will place the items saved with ids "lion" and "burger"

To delete an item, just command /ns delete (id)

You can test as well if the item is saved correctly with /ns give (id)
If you feel lost with the saved item, to know their ids put /ns list

Another function is to detect items in the player's inventory, I tested with it but this feature isn't very clean and may have errors, anyway, it is still usable:
on rightclick:
player is holding {ns::gigajump}:
cancel event
push the player upwards with force 4

Note: I used the id "gigajump" for a head with an ! in the center and the name &6&lGiga jump! However, the game, in this case, will detect any head with that name, but probably this can be fixed with other methods or extra detection but is still usable, that the reason why I said this feature can have errors

As you know, you can't save variables in a script directly, so when you pass the script the saved items will not work, simply use it for personal use, your servers or other's servers that you can control.

Enjoy NBTSk!