skUnity Discord Roles Explained

The skUnity Discord features many roles. This tutorial will explain what each role is there for, how it can be attained, and the responsibilities of the role. These roles aren't in the same order as how the skUnity Discord lists them. Instead, they're somewhat grouped by how similar they are. The only roles with moderation responsibilities, in order of seniority, are Administrator, Senior Moderator, and Moderator.

BaeFell, Wrong, Sam, and Kenzie currently hold this role. The administrator's team manages the whole of skUnity and has its responsibilities. This role cannot be applied for. It's only given when a staff member is looking at working closer with skUnity.

Senior Moderator
We select current moderators who have shown passion, maturity, and commitment to skUnity to step up to become Senior Moderators. Our Senior Moderator team is responsible for managing the Moderator Team, and dealing with serious infractions on the server.

The Moderator role can be applied for when applications are open. Applications will only be open for certain periods and will be announced when they are. We don't keep applications open permanently. We also don't typically hold any applications on record. Applications are only opened when we're looking at expanding the Moderation Team or if existing moderators have left the team. Moderators handle the day-to-day moderation of the server, they're also involved in helping skUnity continue to grow and supporting the community.

Report Ping
You may see some members of the Staff Team will have a Report Ping role. This role isn't taggable by members but instead used by Ducky when a new report thread is opened up. This helps direct immediate attention to the report. Staff Members can take the role on or off as they please. This role cannot be given to a member who is not a Moderator or above.

skUnity Developer
This role is somewhat self-explanatory. Members with this role help create and work on projects with skUnity. They're not involved in every part of the development of skUnity, but they have their projects within skUnity. If you're interested in helping skUnity out with development, contact BaeFell to see where you might be a good fit. This role doesn't have any moderation powers, but those who hold the role might be invited to join the team, or when applications are open, hold a stronger chance of being accepted.

skUnity Veteran
Originally given as a way to thank previous staff members for their service, the skUnity Veteran role is now given to those who have held a long-standing relationship with skUnity. This can be through daily activity across skUnity, creating something used by skUnity (but no longer being an active developer of it), or having shown a commitment to supporting skUnity. This role isn't open to applications. Members with this role have been given this role specifically by skUnity.

SkriptLang Lead
SkriptLang manages this role and its assignment. It's only offered to members who are part of the existing SkriptLang Team. A member with the SkriptLang Lead role has a great responsibility within the SkriptLang projects.

SkriptLang Team
This role is also managed by SkriptLang themselves. This role is not open for applications and instead is offered to those who make active, helpful, and worthwhile contributions to Skript or other SkriptLang projects. skUnity does not give this role out, the responsibility is with SkriptLang to manage the team roles. If you'd like to learn more about the role, please contact a member with the SkriptLang Lead role, such as APickledWarlrus.

Addon Developer
This is a community role given to those who have created an addon for Skript. This role isn't open to applications and is instead given when the member has met the following criteria. You can request this role when you believe you have met the criteria. Requests can be made directly to BaeFell or in #skunity-meta. There is a wait time of three months from the first release before this role can be requested. This is to help show us that there is active development. If you're working on a larger update that doesn't have that activity, please discuss this with BaeFell.
  • Create an addon for Skript, or fork an inactive addon and update it.
  • The addon must contain at least 10 effects, expressions, conditions, events, functions, or sections. Types are not counted. For addons that serve a very specific purpose, this requirement might be waived.
  • Shown activity and commitment to their addon. This means a willingness to continue development.
  • Must be listed on skUnity Resources and the skUnity Docs.
  • Ideally, be open source. This isn't a strict requirement, but helps everyone out.

Creating an addon isn't just about the single moment of release. It's about creating something that benefits the community. There is a responsibility to maintain and commit to the development of your addon. Improving the code, fixing bugs, and expanding what it can do. skUnity regularly reviews members with the Addon Developer role and will review the addon that got them the role. If inactivity is shown for an extended period, skUnity will reach out to you and discuss the development of the addon. If there are no plans for continued development, the role will be removed. The role can be given back when development continues. Any new requirements added after the role was originally given will not need to be met. Even though you meet the requirements, it's ultimately up to skUnity whether you get the role.

Similar to social networks that have a verification system, the verified role exists for skUnity to label important members as their true accounts. While there haven't been any cases of impersonation on skUnity, this role is given to help guide members to the correct person. For example, Njol holds the role so that people are aware it is the real account.

MVP++, MVP, VIP, Supporter
These are roles given when a member donates to skUnity. The base role is the Supporter role which requires a $5 donation. You can learn more about what donation gets you what role by going to skUnity: Support Us.

Nitro Booster
Handled by Discord itself, this role is given automatically when you boost the skUnity Discord server. You'll be given the same level of access as an skUnity Supporter while the role is active. If you stop boosting, the role is removed automatically. Boosting the server will not get you a permanent skUnity Supporter role.

Secret Tunnel Investigator
This is a temporary role that is given out when we're trialling something new and need a select number of members to test it. This role cannot be applied for and is only given to those users who have shown activity within skUnity and have good account standing.

Official Bot
Bots that hold this role have been developed by skUnity or are in an official partnership with skUnity. These bots have full server access and are used by skUnity for official means. We may promote bots that are not officially managed by skUnity, but have some sort of official capacity.

Bot, Hammer, Ducky, Skript Docs Bot, skUnity
These are all bot roles. We are currently not accepting new Discord bots onto the skUnity server. We've found a majority of bots that were previously submitted were doing the same thing that an existing bot does, they're broken in some way, and the original features aren't suitable for skUnity. You're more than welcome to contact BaeFell and ask, but the likely answer will be unfortunately not. Bots play an important role on any server, from the personal experience of the Administrator Team, servers with a lot of bots are just messy.

White Is Boring
Our default role has been around since the skUnity Discord server first launched. The default member colour for @everyone is white. This is just boring! We've created the White Is Boring role essentially as a member role. Given automatically when someone posts their first message. This role just adds a splash of colour to every chat on skUnity.

Announcement Ping
This role is granted when you complete the onboarding onto the skUnity Discord server. You can also give it yourself via Channels & Roles. The role is tagging when we've got something important to share in #announcements. We don't tag the role every time, so you won't be bothered by pings!

skUnity Game Night
Another role that can be given during onboarding or via Channels & Roles. We'll tag this role when making an announcement regarding skUnity Game Night and when the skUnity Game Night starts.

This role isn't used much anymore as Discord has a timeout system, but we may permanently mute an account using this role while we're sorting something out.

Embed Muted
Unlike the Muted role, the Embed Muted role prevents interactions and message content, rather than messages themselves. Members with this role can still send messages, but messages containing links, files, and images can't be sent. Adding reactions to a message also is blocked.

Famous Muted
A role reserved for members who misuse channels in Community Central. This role blocks access to the fun channels of skUnity. All other channels are unaffected. We use this role when someone doesn't want to properly take part in the community, but doesn't warrant a full time out from the server.

To appeal the Muted, Embed Muted, or Famous Muted role being on your account, please contact BaeFell.