how to use else in skript

on right click on diamond ore:
if {Cooldown::GoldOre::%uuid of player%} is true:
cancel event
if player is sneaking:
if player's balance >= 10000:
remove 10000 from player's balance
send "&5Voidz&fGenz &7>>> &aUpgraded Your Generator!"
set event-block to emerald ore
remove event-block's location from {diamond.generator::1::*}
remove uuid of player from {diamond.generator::1::%uuid of player%::*}
add event-block's location to {emerald.generator::1::*}
add uuid of player to {emerald.generator::1::%uuid of player%::*}
send action bar "&bYou have upgraded to EmeraldGen!" to player
set {Cooldown::GoldOre::%uuid of player%} to true

it tells me that the else has to be placed after another if how to fix that?