Searching the skUnity Docs

Searching the skUnity Docs

The skUnity Docs features a powerful search that lets you easily refine your query. This tutorial will teach you how to effectively search the skUnity Docs.

You can refine your search on the skUnity Docs by:
  • Specific addon including Skript
  • What category of syntax (event, expression, condition, effects, type)
  • The specific ID of the element (used when sharing)
  • If it has an example
  • The version of Minecraft supported

Searching by addon

With a wide range of addons on the skUnity Docs, it can sometimes be hard to find the syntax you need for the addon you're using. To search by addon you can either use addon or from. Here's a few examples:
Search for everything from any number of addons with addon:skript,skbee
Or search something specific from a specific addon such metadata from Skript addon:skript metadata

Searching by category

Skript syntax is broken down into 5 categories: events, expressions, conditions, effects and types. You can search for each specific one with skUnity Docs Search.
Search the on join event category:events on join
You may find other events than the one from Skript, you can combine search functions into one query:
category:events addon:skript on join. This will only return the on join event from Skript.

Searching by ID

To share content on the skUnity Docs, you can click/tap the clipboard symbol by the name of the element. This will copy a search URL to your clipboard searching by the ID of the element. This is an easy way to share a specific element on the skUnity Docs.

Searching by if it has an example

Only want to find elements that have an example? Easy peasy! Lets only find syntax from Skript that has: from:skript hasexample:true. This will only bring back syntax from Skript that has an example. Searching by this may sometimes cause slow searching because the docs have a to check if each element has an example.

Searching by Minecraft version

While not supported by every addon, the skUnity Docs can help you refine your search by using a Minecraft version. Lets look at everyone's favourite addon, TranSKator! I only want elements from it that support Minecraft 1.15: from:transkator version:1.15. That's how easy it is!

Negated searching

Another amazing feature of the skUnity Docs Search is that you can negate any of the above search functions! Just place a hyphen (-) in front of them and the skUnity Docs won't return things that match it. If you didn't want anything from Skript, just do -from:skript and nothing from Skript will be returned. This makes for even more powerful searching! Want every event from addons but not Skript? category:events -from:skript. You can really customise searching.

Overview of the search functions

addon or from to search by addon
category to search by event, expression, condition, effects, type
id to find an element with the specific ID
hasexample:true to only get elements with examples
version to search by specific Minecraft versions

You can use these search functions in any combination and use them multiple times. skUnity Docs will then bring you back the finest quality search you could ask for. Refined just for you.

Search bar

There are 2 search bars on the skUnity Docs. The main one above the main content area which is a single text input or you can use the the search button in the top right of the skUnity Docs. Here you will be able to select which addons and categories you want to search with. You're also able to negate the terms as well.

Notes about searching

skUnity Docs compares your search query with the title and if they're similar it will return them. This can sometimes cause results that may seem a bit odd but this is a good way for us to ignore spelling differences between British and American English (e.g. armour, colour). Use the powerful search tools above to help refine your search query.