Welcome to Skript

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Welcome to Skript

Terminology clarification:
  • Skript = the plugin/project itself (Skript.jar/Skript)
  • Script = a script file (script.sk/script)

Skript is an English based programming language for Minecraft that runs on Bukkit/Spigot/Paper (and other forks). Skript enables you to create new and custom features for your server without any knowledge of Java. It instead uses intuitive English syntax. Skript comes packed with many power syntax and Skript addons can help fill in that gap. There is even an addon for doing Java in Skript! Whateve you have in mind, Skript will probably have you covered.

When you look at developing new features for your server, you may be lured into a false idea that Java is the only way to do that. Minecraft and the server software is all written in Java, so why not just use Java? Well, Java has a steep learning curve, requires an IDE, understanding of Java basics and then learning how Java works on a Minecraft server, compiling your Java code and then a lot of messing about with your server. Skript on the other hand can be written in any text editor and then reloaded with a command in-game. There is no compiling, restarting, compiling, restarting... it's as easy as /sk reload myscript. There are many parts in which Skript excels compared to Java, for example, handling data that you want to save can be a nightmare in Java. Skript has variables built-in that can persist locally in the event or remain even after the server stops.

What's skUnity?

skUnity is the place you're at now! Started in 2014 by Wrong, skUnity has been the central hub for everything Skript since then. Launching the core services: skUnity Docs, the skUnity Discord and the skUnity Parser. We've also got other useful tools such as skUnity Downloads and skUnity Tutorials. skUnity is the largest Skript community and essentially is the Skript community. With over 7,000 members in the skUnity Discord, there is nowhere else with as many active Skript users. We've been empowering the Skript community to create, share and make development easier.

How does Skript work?

Skript has many versatile features which allow you to change many core behaviours within your Minecraft server. Everything in your script will run in an event or command. From these 2 events, you're then able to change and control almost anything. Here's an example of welcoming players to your server which increases player retention:

on player join:
if player has played before:
broadcast "&aWelcome back %player% to our server!"
broadcast "&a&lWelcome the new player, %player% to our server!"

And that's it. Your players will feel welcomed and greeted, encourage other players to say hi and give a more welcoming feel to your server. Skript has logic in the form of loops, if-else statements and even lamdas. Just because Skript is an English based language, doesn't mean it lacks.

How can I get started?!

Skript is super easy to get setup on your server.
  • Download the Skript Jar file through skUnity
  • Place the jar file in /plugins/
  • Restart your server
  • Skript will generate the folders:
    • /plugins/Skript - the main Skript folder. The configuration and variables.csv is located here
    • /plugins/Skript/scripts - this is where your scripts will go. There will be some example scripts the first time Skript generates the folder, you can either delete them or read them to learn from them.

  • Create your own script by using a text editor and saving it as script name.sk. You can change the script name bit to whatever you'd like!
  • Place your new script file in /plugins/Skript/scripts
  • Run the command /sk reload script name
  • Your script will then be loaded up and any errors posted in chat.
  • And that's it! You're now creating scripts!

I've had an error, can't figure something out or just not sure what to do :emoji_frowning:

These things happen. The nice thing with Skript is that it's very easy to debug and keep trying. It's also really easy to figure out where you've gone wrong. When you've got a syntax error, Skript will tell you where you've gone wrong. Below is listed some more places you can find out more about Skript and be able to get help.

How can I learn more?

skUnity provides a lot of resources and you really won't need to venture any further. We've got everything you need. Here's a complete breakdown of what we provide and the purpose of each:
  • skUnity Docs - extensive documentation of Skript and Skript addons which has the syntax patterns, examples and snippets on how to use them.
  • skUnity Parser - an online Skript editor that lets you parse your code in your browser, save it to your skUnity Account and edit them anywhere, anytime.
  • skUnity Discord - connect with other Skript users, server owners and developers. Get help with Skript or just have a general chat.
  • skUnity Forums - a forum dedicated to Skript. Get help, discuss with others, hire Skript developers or offer your services to others.
  • skUnity Resources - part of the skUnity Forums, skUnity Resources lets you find scripts, addons and other useful Skript tools.
  • skUnity Tutorials - providing loads of tutorials covering multiple different aspects of Skript. A great way to learn more about Skript.
  • skUnity Downloads - easily find downloads for Skript addons with a few clicks.
  • skUnity Wiki - another part of the skUnity Forums, the skUnity Wiki has many useful pages to teach you more about Skript.

We really have everything you need to get started and become an advanced Skript developer.