Skript Cooldown for beginners

A Cooldown system is one of Skript's features that players often want to implement. By implementing a cooldown system, players may be prevented from spamming commands or using certain events too frequently. This can adversely affect the game's balance. The cooldown system can be used for certain commands or events. The cooldown system can also be used to prevent players from exploiting certain bugs or glitches. It can also be used to reward players for good behavior or for playing a certain way.

About Guide
In a skript, there are a variety of ways you can implement a cooldown, and as long as you are doing it in the right place, all of them are correct.
We will be going from the simplest to the most complex method in this guide.
The methods are:

  - Command Cooldown
        The ability to add a cooldown system to commands.

  - Delay Cooldown
        Allows you to create small delays.

  - Date Cooldown
Provide a proper cooldown system based on the date that is typically used for events.