How to enable skript effects

You should have skript effects enabled on your server. They are useful for debugging and checking simple stuff

How to enable skript effects

go to Plugins/Skript/

enable effect commands: false

enable effect commands: true

allow ops to use effect commands: false

allow ops to use effect commands: true

after you saved the file, type /skript reload config
by default, you can execute skript effects using !<effect>

!send "hello"

!send "%1+1%"

!send "%targeted block of player%"
white wool block

[[ Important notices ]]
  • run effects are not 100% the same as effects run inside an sk file
  • you cannot use local variables
  • multiple spaces (more than 2) will get reduced to 2 spaces then executed
  • you cannot put color code symbols § in chat (unless you modify the server jar)
  • you cannot use options

if your script has a function that has a long parse time, do not execute this as an effect. because of how parsing works, your server will freeze for a few seconds