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Version 1.5, The Big(gest) update. 72 days, 17 hours and 18 minutes ago

Haha, its finally here! Version 1.5, This update is absolutely huge, and might be the biggest update in all of skript-itemsadder ever!


- Create ItemsAdder Inventory Section - Create an ItemsAdder inventory with this Section, containing a texture, title, texture/title offsets, etc.
- Open Custom Inventory Effect - Opens an ItemsAdder inventory to a player
- Set Custom Inventory Slot Effect - Sets the slot of an ItemsAdder inventory
- Last Created GUI expression - gets the Last Created ItemsAdder gui.
- Furniture Place **Success** Event - Gets called when a furniture gets successfully placed into the world, if you're looking to get the location, etc. Use this event.
- Play Break Effect (it's back!), Plays the breaking effect on an ItemsAdder block, (no, it's not the cracking)
- Custom Block Type
- Textured Inventory Type
- Update Checker (Not stolen )


- Items and Font images now support more then 1 entry.
- The "Is Custom Block", "Is Custom Item" and "Is Custom Entity" conditions now support negative comparisons (isn't/is not) (
- Fixed Replace Custom Furniture Effect (
- Docs fixes and changes, (All examples that need it now contain namespace:id)

- Play Place & Break Sound Effect - Felt like these were useless, as you could just use the Play Sound effect
- Set Tool Usages Effect - Custom Durability is bugged in ItemsAdder currently.

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Version 1.4.1, a small bug fix update. 107 days, 1 hour and 18 minutes ago

This is version 1.4.1, a small bug fix update


  • some conditions/expressions not being locked to an event


  • Tool Usages effect, caused me a lot of issues to try and fix, very sorry. It may return in the future.


  • the Replace Custom Furniture effect can be a bit finicky with furniture's that aren't 1x1x1, I have no idea how to fix this, as ItemsAdder's API isn't very concise.

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Version 1.4, The first big one. 117 days and 5 minutes ago

This release is the biggest one yet,
(other then the release.)


An expression to get the block clicked.
An expression to get the item associated with a block
An effect to remove furniture
An effect to replace furniture (if there is furniture at a location, this effect will remove it and place another furniture at the same place) [Thanks for the suggestion!](
An effect to replace a block (if there is a block at a location, this effect will remove it and place another block at the same place)
A condition to check the action of which the player interacted with the block with
A condition to check the face of the block the player clicked on.
A condition to check the block clicked.

Play Break Effect effect, (may return)

You may now specify what item you want in the "Is ItemsAdder Item" condition

That's all.

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Version 1.3, an even minier update. 122 days, 2 hours and 36 minutes ago

Version 1.3 adds 2 effects:

Set usages of tool to [int], set the usage of your tool to a number.
Place custom furniture at [loc], places furniture at the location. (Suggestion)

More to come soon!

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Version 1.2, a mini update. 125 days, 20 hours and 19 minutes ago

Added 3 New Effects

Play Break Effect, play the breaking effect on your custom blocks.
Play Break Sound, play the break sound from a custom block to a player
Play Place Sound, play the place sound from a custom block to a player.

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Major Bug Fix update v1.1 128 days, 22 hours and 21 minutes ago

Fixed MAJOR bugs.

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skript-itemsadder 129 days, 7 hours and 21 minutes ago

skript-itemsadder, an addon to replace the existing, but lackluster Skript API ItemsAdder has.

As if it wasn't obvious enough already, this addon requires ItemsAdder to function.

skript-itemsadder more then septuples the amount of features then that Skript API!

Want to detect when someone places a custom block? You can do that!
Want to make someone do an emote? You can do that!
Want to give someone a custom item? You can do that!
Want to set the blocks between 2 locations to custom blocks? You can do that!

Happy.. uhh... ItemsAddering..?


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