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Tablisknu 1.0: Blueprints! 1710 days, 2 hours and 57 minutes ago

In this release of Tablisknu, we are finally moving out of the beta version stage of Tablisknu with a new feature that I am excited to introduce to you now that I have been able to test and document it: blueprints!

A blueprint is a, well, blueprint, for a skin, meaning that you can create and modify a blueprint using the syntaxes Tablisknu provides and then use it to generate an actual skin that you can put on your players. I won't go too in depth here about the specifics of each of the syntaxes since they're already documented (though I hope to create some examples in the future for you guys to follow), but here's a brief explanation:

(Italicized names indicate the names in the documentation of syntaxes)

This update introduces two new types: the `blueprint` (Blueprint) type, and the `argb` (ARGB Color) type. The `blueprint` type is fairly self explanatory; `argb` is a new color type I introduced as skins support transparency in their second layer (including semitransparency), and you can also use transparency in the first layer when combining multiple blueprints. Normal Skript colors will be converted to `argb`s when used in these syntaxes; there is also a `transparent` literal for the fully transparent color, and you can also write hex codes using the syntaxes


where RR, GG, and BB are the hex values for the red, green, and blue respectively, and

where AA is now the alpha value, which specifies how transparent/opaque the color is (00 is fully transparent, FF = 255 is fully opaque).

To create blueprints, you can use the Create Blueprint effect:
create [(slim)] [(head|body|right arm|left arm|right leg|left leg) [(front|back|right|left|top|bottom) face]] blueprint from (file|url) %string% in %object%

to load a blueprint from an image file locally or online or from a skin, and you can also get a new (blank) blueprint using the Blank Blueprint expression:
blank [(slim)] [ (head|body|right arm|left arm|right leg|left leg) [(front|back|right|left|top|bottom) face]] blueprint

There are three effects for modifying blueprints:
Color Blueprint
color %blueprint% as %argb%

Recolor Blueprint
recolor %argb% in %blueprint% as %argb%

Overlay Blueprint on Blueprint
overlay %blueprint% on %blueprint%

The Body Part of Blueprint
[(second layer)] (head|body|right arm|left arm|right leg|left leg) [(front|back|right|left|top|bottom) face] pixels of %blueprint%

Face of Body Part Blueprint
(front|back|right|left|top|bottom) face pixels of %blueprint%

and Rectangle of Blueprint
pixels %number%, %number% to %number%, %number% (of|in) %blueprint%

expressions give you a blueprint containing a section of the specified blueprint; modifications to the new blueprint are also made to the original blueprint.

The Copy of Blueprint expression
blueprint copied from %blueprint%

gives you a new blueprint copied from the specified blueprint such that modifications made to the new blueprint won't be made to the original.

The settable Color of Pixel in Blueprint expression
color of pixel %number%, %number% (of|in) %blueprint%

allows you to modify blueprints at the pixel level.

Finally, the Retrieve Skin effect
retrieve [(slim)] skin from (file|url) %-string% [[with] timeout %-timespan%] into %object%
retrieve skin (from uuid %-string%|of %-offlineplayer%|from blueprint %-blueprint%) [[with] timeout %-timespan%] into %object%

has new syntax that allows you to retrieve an actual skin from a blueprint that you have created. Excluding the existing syntaxes not related to blueprints, the added syntax is
retrieve skin from blueprint %blueprint% [[with] timeout %-timespan%] into %object%

And that's it! I'm excited to see how you guys will use this new feature, and I hope that you'll enjoy it!

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1.0-BETA.9: Bug fixes (and a secret new feature) 1739 days, 23 hours and 39 minutes ago

This beta version fixes an issue with the latest versions of Spigot 1.14.3, as well as the yellow and white full color skins.

There's also a secret new feature included that's already tested but I needed to release these bug fixes sooner than I was willing to document it, so maybe you'll go peeking into the source code to find out what it is :P.

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BETA.8: Now compatible with Skript 2.4 1779 days, 2 hours and 23 minutes ago

This update fixes an incompatibility issue with Skript 2.4 caused by depending on Skript's Color class which was changed in Skript 2.4. It also corrects the white full color skin to actually being fully white.

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BETA.7: Bug fixes 1862 days, 3 hours and 35 minutes ago

This update contains important bug fixes, most significantly (#1) an issue where a player leaving and joining caused stack traces in console, and (#2) an issue with recent versions of Skript 2.3 where using the Retrieve Skin effect would clear all local variables.

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BETA-6: Full color skin presets and offline mode skin retrieval 1919 days, 20 hours and 12 minutes ago

This update adds a couple of interesting features. First, the retrieve skin effect is now documented (totally a feature and not something that I thought was already done) and now you can actually retrieve player skins in offline mode as well (previously it would try to use the garbage UUID of the player, it now looks up the actual UUID from the player's name before retrieving the skin).

The most interesting feature of this update is the inclusion of full color skin presets.
`Full Color Skin`

%color% skin
maroon skin
navy skin
olive skin

This is basically a skin that's fully one color. This is intended to be used for tabs, if you don't have specific icons that you want to show, but you don't want to just use the boring default white tabs, you can now add some color to your tablist! You can use all of the normal colors of wool, as well as a few extra because the Spigot Javadocs tricked me into adding them.

There's also this:
`All Full Color Skins`
all full color skins

If you're too lazy to actually choose specific colors for your skins, you can just loop through this to assign colors to your tabs. As an example:
command /colorful_tablist:
enable array tablist
set {_skins::*} to all full color skins
set {_i} to 1
loop integers from 1 to 4:
loop integers from 1 to 20:
set icon of tab loop-value-1, loop-value-2 to {_skins::%{_i}%}
add {_skins::%{_i}%} to {_skins::*}
add 1 to {_i}

If you want to get fancy, you could randomly select colors from this expression or something like that, but I'll leave that to you.

Lastly, this update adds a warning when you're using syntaxes that can hide players in the tablist (this can be actual syntaxes to hide players in the tablist, or syntaxes that allow you to create an array tablist with dimensions different from the default 4x20). This is just to warn inexperienced users of Tablisknu about the possibilities of issues with skins. If you want to disable this warning, you'll have to set the 'display_tablist_syntax_warning' option in the config to false. If that option isn't in the config, you just have to add a line with it yourself.

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Tablisknu 1925 days, 8 hours and 35 minutes ago

Tablisknu is a Skript addon providing a variety of interesting features, such as:

  • Tablist manipulation, with the ability to modify all aspects of the tabs shown in tablist, show/hide those tabs at will, add new tabs known as simple tabs, and modify the tablist in an x,y coordinate style known as the array tablist
  • Skin modification, allowing you to change player's skins to be different for different players looking at them, with skins being not only skins of other players but also skins from external websites and even locally created images
  • Nametag modification, meaning modifying the name displayed above a player's head
  • Player heads, namely creating them with the skin of your choice and modifying them

Tablisknu requires Bukkit/Spigot 1.13+ and ProtocolLib 4.4.0+.

Tablisknu is one of the addons resulting from the splitting up of MundoSK. If you are running MundoSK on 1.13 for tablist/skin features, I highly recommend switching to Tablisknu as it will continue to be updated with new features and bug fixes, while MundoSK does not support 1.13.

A tutorial for Tablisknu's tablist features is now available on Skript Hub!

For more info about Tablisknu, check out its website! Also, consider joining the Skript Chat Discord Server to discuss Tablisknu and other Skript addons in dedicated channels.

If you find bugs or have certain feature requests, I highly recommend you create an issue on GitHub, as that will ensure that I can address your concern instead of it being buried by other posts/messages.

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