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1.1-pre : More advanced than ever ! 2384 days, 23 hours and 4 minutes ago

Heya. Time for a new update I guess.

This update adds stuff so complicated you probably won't know what it does, that's why I won't detail the descriptions :

[h2]Added : [/h2]
[h3]Effects : [/h3]
CRUCIAL : all of these effects will interrupt the script execution while running !
More details on how these effects behave below as well as on the wiki !

Note : the math expressions to be inputted into these effects can only have 'x' in them. No other letter works.

Summation :

(sum|sigma) %string% from %number% to %number%
(sum|sigma) %string% from %number% to infinity

Calculates a summation.
The first string is the expression to be summed.
The first number is the beginning value.
The second number or "infinity" is the end value.

Pi-notation product :
(product|pi) %string% from %number% to %number%
(product|pi) %string% from %number% to infinity

Calculates a product in Pi-notation
Same as in summation.

Limit :
limit %string% as x approaches %number% [from above]
limit %string% as x approaches [-]infinity

Calculates the limit of an expression approaching a certain value
First string is the expression, and second number (or (-)infinity) is the value the expression will be approaching.

Derivative (syntax subject to tweaks):
((calculate|compute) derivative of|derivate) %string% [at x=%number%]
d/dx(%string%) [where x=%number%]

Calculates the derivative of a function.
The string is the function/expression to find the derivative of.
The number, if specified, specifies a precise value of the function.

IMPORTANT : this effect will produce a string unless the value is included

Integral :
((calculate|compute) integral of|integrate) %string% [from %number% to %number%]

Calculates the integral of a given function.
The string is, as always, the function/expression to be computed.
If specified, the numbers create bounds, thus making Skuared compute a definite integral.

IMPORTANT : same as for the derivative, the effect will produce a string unless bounds are specified.

[h3]Expression (*read if you are going to use the above effects !*) :[/h3]
Last Skuared result:
[the] last skuared result

Returns the value produced by one of the above effects. This value may be a string or a number depending on what effect you used and how you used it.

[h3]Functions :[/h3]
This update provides new default functions, that can be used in
evaluate expression
or anywhere else !

gamma :
gamma(number: x)

The Gamma function. If you don't know what it is, then you shouldn't use it.

factorial :
factorial(integer: x)

Calculates the factorial of a given integer.

[h2]Documentation about WolframAlpha coming Soon™ ![/h2]
That's all folks !

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Skuared - Math 'n algorithms 'n stuff 2525 days, 5 hours and 50 minutes ago

Skuared is a Skript addon adding diverse mathematic and algorithmic features.

Documentation can be found on Github, but maybe I'll add some doc here too.

Features :

  • Evaluating math expressions
  • Levenshtein distance
  • Summations/Sigma
  • Limits
  • Derivatives
  • Integrals


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