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Hotfix for variables 515 days, 8 hours and 11 minutes ago

The variables do not seem to work in async. This release is a hotfix to solve this problem. No additions or deletions.

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The new Async system 571 days, 21 hours and 59 minutes ago

What is new?


The old async system wasn't good. Using a tabulation each time we want to synchronize a code was fun, but was clearly not usable. This part has been removed, so you can't use anymore sections for effects related to Skent. With the new system, we are using a prefix, sync or async. You can also define your preference in the plugins/Skent/config.yml file if you want not to use the async system by default.

Example of the new system:

command test:
set {_download_link} to ""
sync download file from {_download_link} to file path "plugins/"
sync unzip all files from file path "plugins/" to dir path "plugins/abc"
delete file path "plugins/" # This line is executed in async by default, i can omit the "async" prefix.

New library
  • ch.eitchnet:cron and com.coreoz:wisp: Used for the new cron event

New event
  • cron %string% start

  • Support of Skript 2.6.2+, this also mean drop of Minecraft 1.12 support.
  • Added a new Metrics related to the new async system: check who is using by default.

Other problems remain persistent and require more time. If you discover an issue with this version, create a new issue.

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The improvement of processes 949 days, 10 hours and 30 minutes ago

The improvement of processes

What is new?

New library

  • dotenv-java: Used for the new execute effect (see below)

New event
  • file fetch[ed]

New expression
  • (output|log)\[s\] of %processes% or %processes%' (output|log)\[s\]
  • last [started] process

  • Added [with arg[ument]\[s\] %-strings% [and]] [with env[ironment file\[s\]] %-paths% [and]] [(1¬¶with (logs|output))] to the execute effect. It able to execute a file with some arguments, or/and some environment variables from a file, or/and showing logs.
  • Includes a better integration with SkriptMigrate using its API

  • Fix execute file effect which didn't work correctly

  • Fix docs of ExprProcessWithPid

  • Fix ExprLine causing IndexBoundException when inserting at line 1 of a size 0 (thanks @EarthAgar)

Note: I didn't make the release of Skent 3.0.0 on Skunity, be sure to check the patch note directly on Github!

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Introducing watch events 1225 days, 6 hours and 25 minutes ago

What is new?


New: Watch events are now here! Execute codes when a file change, is deleted or added!

on watching file changes at "plugins/Skript/scripts":
reload script file file name of event-path
broadcast "Hello Change"

on watching file creation at "plugins":
broadcast "Hello Creation"

on watching file deletion at "plugins/test.txt":
broadcast "Hello Deletion"

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Welcome to Skent 2.0 1365 days, 16 hours and 24 minutes ago

Welcome to Skent 2.0

What is new?

Breaking changes

  • Expression [the] (file\[s\]|dir[ector(y|ies)]) %strings% has been changed to [the] (file\[s\]|dir[ector(y|ies)]) path %strings% due to a syntax conflict (Thanks @Sashie and @APickledWalrus).
  • Condition %path% (is|are) [a[n]] exe[cutable] has been changed to %path% (is|are) [a[n]] exe[cutable] (file|dir[ectory]|path) to avoid any syntax conflict
  • Condition %path% (is|are) hidden has been changed to %path% (is|are) [a[n]] hidden (file|dir[ectory]|path) to avoid any syntax conflict
  • Condition %path% (is|are) readable has been changed to %path% (is|are) [a[n]] readable (file|dir[ectory]|path) to avoid any syntax conflict
  • Condition %path% (is|are) writable has been changed to %path% (is|are) [a[n]] writable (file|dir[ectory]|path) to avoid any syntax conflict
  • All events must contain (file|dir[ector(ies|y)]|path) before them (e.g on file created instead of on created) to avoid any syntax conflict
  • Size expression returns a number in bytes, no longer a string


New: Events have now the path word as choice, as (file|dir[ector(ies|y)]|path) instead of (file|dir[ector(ies|y)])

New: You can use mutliple paths when using an effect. For example:

command /create:
set {_paths::*} to file path "plugins/abc/a.txt", "plugins/abc/b.txt" and "plugins/abc/c.txt"
create {_paths::*}

New: You can manage async effects by using them as scope effect. For example:

command /create:
create file path "plugins/MyAwesomeFile.txt":
append "Hello World" to file path "plugins/MyAwesomeFile.txt":
broadcast "Content added! End of my task"
broadcast "Created my file"
broadcast "I can continue my code here without waiting the end of my task"
broadcast "I can continue my code here without waiting the end of my task"

New: New syntaxes

last modified (date|time) of %path%
%path%'s last modified (date|time)

last access (date|time) of %path%
%path%'s last access (date|time)

creat(ed|ion) (date|time) of %path%
%path%'s created (date|time)

usable space of %path%
%path%'s usable space

total space of %path%
%path%'s total space

unallocated space of %path%
%path%'s unallocated space

%path% (is|are) [a[n]] system (file|dir[ectory]|path)
%path% (isn't|is not|aren't|are not) [a[n]] system (file|dir[ectory]|path)

%path% (is|are) [a[n]] archive (file|dir[ectory]|path)
%path% (isn't|is not|aren't|are not) [a[n]] archive (file|dir[ectory]|path)

[on] [(file|dir[ector(ies|y)]|path)] change[d]

  • Copy effect has been fixed
  • %path% is dir and %path% is file conditions have been fixed
  • Async bukkit events call have been fixed
  • Not important errors have been removed

Why Skent moved from Bitbucket to Github?

Skent is a very fast growing addon, with many users using it. Personally, I'm more active on Github (really more active). Github will allow me to better manage problems and will allow me to answer you faster than on Bitbucket. Adding to this that most developers use Github will make it easier for them when they want to contribute (hi @Snow-Pyon).
You will find all the Skent builds available directly in the "Action" tab of Github.

Skent 2.0 marks the turning point of Skent, and all previous versions will no longer be supported, hence the removal of the project from Bitbucket.

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Peak of Improvement 1539 days, 8 hours and 28 minutes ago


I was thinking a long time ago how I could fix some of current issues, like condition "if file/dir exists" which didn't work well. So I found a way to fix that, and here is all changes I did in this version 1.9 of Skent

Patch note


  • Create file/dir effect didn't work correctly sometimes, it has been fixed.

  • Breaking change: Exists/Doesn't exist condition changed to make it works correctly without any conflict: %path% (is available|is(n't| not) (missing|non[(-| )]existent)) and %path% (is (missing|non[(-| )]existent)|is(n't| not) available)
  • Glob patterns have been added: glob (files|dir[ectorie]s) %string% (in|of|from) %path%
  • Added normalize expression: [the] normalize [path] of %path%

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Important Bug Fixes 1556 days, 7 hours and 43 minutes ago


A lot of people got issues with Skent recently, with some NullPointerException or syntaxes which don't work.

Here is a simple update to fix that.

Path note


- BoundException with Insert Line Effect
- NullPointerException with Line and Content Expression

Thanks to people who reported me these issues. Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any issue with Skent.

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Important fixes and improvements 1611 days, 5 hours and 9 minutes ago


Hi everyone!
Was a big time I didn't update Skent (I mean, did an official update of it). So here is an update.

Patch Note


- Could not create directories, was a file instead of a directory.
- Could not get a line if this line didn't exist


- Added size expression:
- [the] size of %path%
- [the] %path%'s size

- Improve create file/dir effect by creating nonexisting dirs

Thanks to EthoCryantic for these reports. Don't hesitate to report me any issue/suggestion you have (using skript-chat discord (BbCWeKD) or issue system on the bitbucket of Skent)

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Rework, fixes and improvements 1687 days, 10 hours and 38 minutes ago


Hi everyone!
After a small update before, here is a real update! Indeed, it includes many changes, including more flexible syntaxes and some adjustments.
So here is version 1.6 of Skent!

Patch note


- Fix package name conflict.
- Fix local variables issues in effects (thanks @Blueyescat for the fix and @HYPExMon5ter for the report!)


- /!\ Breaking change /!\: any path returns now the path, no longer the name of the targeted file/dir when the path is in a string, like variable name {%path%} or a simple string "%path%". This change should make more logic what's a path, and what a path returns.
- /!\ Breaking change /!\: the All files/directories syntax changed to include 4 different syntaxes. This change make shorter syntaxes, and should improve the flexibility of this expression :
- all [the] files and [all] [the] dir[ectorie]s (in|of|from) %path%
- all [the] files (in|of|from) %path%
- all [the] dir[ectorie]s (in|of|from) %path%
- all [the] sub[(-| )]files and [all] [the] sub[(-| )]dir[ectorie]s (in|of|from) %path%
- all [the] sub[(-| )]dir[ectorie]s (in|of|from) %path%
- all [the] sub[(-| )]files (in|of|from) %path%
- Watching event has been deleted. It will be rework later.
- parent expression has now path word optional, as [the] parent [path].
- owner expression has now file word optional, as [the] [file] owner. It should resolve the conflict with Region Members & Owners expression of Skript is needed.
- (file|dir) name expression has now rectory word optional as (file|dir[ectory]) name.
- [the] absolute path expression returns now a Path and no longer a String.
- toString method of ExprFileDirectory precise now if it's a directory or a file.
- Events are now improved.

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Reduce size of Skent 1697 days, 6 hours and 54 minutes ago

This version will reduce the size of Skent only!

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Improvements and important fix 1702 days, 5 hours and 44 minutes ago

This update mainly contains fixes.


  • NullPointerException with the Zip effect
  • Conflict with Vault plugin
  • File existance condition

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Fix + improvement 1761 days, 6 hours and 26 minutes ago

Not a big update, but this update fix a big issue.

  • Condition "if file X exists" has been fixed
  • File type is now named "Path"
  • Watching Event is experimental, I just precised it in the doc

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Important fixes and improvements 1772 days, 18 hours and 32 minutes ago

This update is to fix important bugs and improve effects.


  • The effects of creating a file or directory have been fixed
  • The conditions to check if a file is a directory or a file have been fixed

  • Thread methods have been removed because AsyncEffect allows you to do it directly

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Effects to AsyncEffects 1775 days, 7 hours and 57 minutes ago

Some skript developers asked me to put my effects as AsyncEffect, but since the skript AsyncEffect didn't work, I had put it back into Effect. I found a way to fix the skript AsyncEffect so here is the version with the AsyncEffect.

To summarize: it's just a dev update with no impact with syntaxes.

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Skent 1776 days, 6 hours and 18 minutes ago

Skent is an addon for managing files. This one was created to replace SkUtilities in this task. Indeed, Skent uses java nio to manage files. It has many features and a very clear operation.
It uses the latest features of the skript API for addons.

Current features:
  • Create a file, with or without content
  • Delete a file or any directory
  • Get all files or directory from another directory
  • Download files
  • Execute files
  • ... and more!

Any bug or issue? Don't report them in review, report them here

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