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Sockets update 230 days, 12 hours and 46 minutes ago

  • Added socket connection support
  • Updated web requests
  • Some code improvements

Now Skcrew allow you to communicate servers with each other if you are using Velocity proxy server
Web requests now allow you using any request methods with sync and async effects

Read the documentation for more information

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Another sh1t update 376 days, 13 hours and 22 minutes ago

Continue war with cumulus api update and related with this bugs

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Sh1t update 385 days, 20 hours and 15 minutes ago

- Temporarily fix problem with new Floodgate versions
- Removed spectator events because it implemented in next version of Skript
- Provided upstream of Skript-GUI
- Removed environment expression and its types because it implemented in next version of Skript
- Changed syntax of `name of %path%` to %(file|dir[ectory])name of %path%` due to conflicts with Skript
- Fix some other bugs (I dont remember)

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? 478 days, 1 hour and 3 minutes ago

Some bug fixes from github issue.

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Continue development 543 days, 8 hours and 3 minutes ago

Added ViaVersion support, such as get protocol and string version of player
Some changed syntax of checking floodgate player
Added soft depends and depend to plugin.yml for correct load

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Docs?? 556 days, 11 hours and 34 minutes ago

Added docs for SkUnity and fix some mistakes

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Skcrew 556 days, 11 hours and 34 minutes ago

Source code:
Supported Skript versions: 2.6.1+

Addon includes:

(First of all, I developed this for personal use, but maybe it will be useful to someone)

What's new?

  • Floodgate api with cumulus (bedrock forms) support (syntax like skript-gui, easy to learn)
  • Transfer or get infromation from servers by socket plugin on Velocity proxy

  • Run code from text, it can be not only single line
  • InventoryDragEvent - its fired when player hold rigthclick with cursor item
  • Give or drop effect, its something like (if player doesn't have space for item, it will be dropper near)
  • Run as op effect
  • Permission management without permission plugin
  • Some system info, like amount of RAM or number of processor cores
  • Regex expressions and some string operations
  • Make requests to web sites

  • Full world management effects and expressions
  • ViaVersion player's protocol support

Every part can be disabled in config file, something like in SkBee addon


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