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SkJade - 1.4.3 433 days, 15 hours and 3 minutes ago

People think this addon is abandoned for some reason but i'm just working on a 2.0 so be patient with me pls ^^

  • 1.19.4 Support
  • Teleport hologram effect which apparently didn't exist before? Very confused at how i got away with not having it.

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SkJade - 1.4.2 700 days, 20 hours and 25 minutes ago

Supports 1.19, no new changes!

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SkJade - 1.4.1 777 days, 10 hours and 35 minutes ago

Supports 1.18.2. No new changes!

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SkJade - Version 1.4 842 days, 14 hours and 19 minutes ago

1.4 Release
- You can now attach the end of a laser to a LivingEntity, using `attach %livingentity% to [the] end of %lasers%`
- 1.18+ support.

I've also tried to make sure that when updates happen that do break my shit, it doesn't stop you from being able to use the addon at all, and you should be able to still use the non-NMS reliant features.

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SkJade - 1.3.4 910 days, 19 hours and 4 minutes ago

Fixes a few bugs:) No new additions!

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SkJade - 1.3.3 1043 days, 19 hours and 25 minutes ago

1.17.1 support

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SkJade - 1.3.2 1062 days, 12 hours and 38 minutes ago

Fixes a bug when enabling on 1.17 servers, fixed the condition is wet not working on 1.3.1 and added support to entities for the condition.

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SkJade - 1.3.1 1066 days, 9 hours and 7 minutes ago

SkJade has been updated with a fair few cool additions !


  • Lasers! You can now create guardian beams to go from one point to another. These can be stored with the points changed
  • Contents of a hologram line. This should've already been in since day 1, however i didn't pay enough attention. You can set the contents of a line too
  • Item cooldowns, support for multiple to be set or retrieved
  • Fixed a bug with legacy startup throwing errors
  • 1.17 is now supported
  • Rebranding; SkJade's colours have been changed to be more eye friendly

As always, please report any bugs, issues, or suggestions to the issue tracker or my discord, and you will be able to find all syntax on the skUnity docs!

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SkJade 1.3.0! 1110 days, 14 hours and 59 minutes ago

Another release which brings new syntaxes and stuffs and fixes and stuffs and yay!

- Image Lines expression (HolographicDisplays)
- Hide Entity effect
- World Border Centre expression
- World Border Damage Amount expression
- World Border Damage Buffer expression
- World Border Size expression
- World Border Warning Distance expression
- World Border Warning Time expression
- World Border Size Over Time effect
- World Border Reset effect
- World's Hardcore Value expression
- Unary expression
- Item Cooldown expression
- Primary World expression
- Timespan in ticks expression
- Epic new syntax for the lasagna effect! (woo hoo!!!)

As always, please report any bugs, issues, or suggestions to the issue tracker or my discord!

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SkJade 1.2.0 1150 days, 12 hours and 46 minutes ago

1.2.0 fixes bugs and brings more features!

  • Various new shapes added (cone and torus(giant donut))
  • Bugs fixed, such as the NPE thrown with !{_bool} on unset variables and non-booleans.
  • New hologram features, such as getting the ID of a hologram and adding multiple lines at once.
  • New expression to get the ID of an entity and a new effect to show block break animations.
    As usual feel free to report bugs and issues, or suggest things at!

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New Additions! 1183 days, 12 hours and 1 minute ago

This update just brings new effects, two new events, and a handful of expressions!

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Config! 1195 days and 48 minutes ago

A config was added so that elements can be disabled if they clash with another add-on :D

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SkJade 1195 days, 19 hours and 20 minutes ago

SkJade is a Skript add-on which provides custom syntax to your scripts!
SkJade has a fair share of syntax on its own, but also has a good amount of plugins which it interacts with!

SkJades key features are:

  • The ability to create and read pastebins.
  • The ability to use Holographic Displays in your scripts.

Elementals, Holographic Displays, and ProtocolLib are currently the only plugins which SkJade interacts with, however more may be added in the future!
To install SkJade, just download the jar and drag and drop it into your plugin folder. Restart your server and you've done it:emoji_grinning:

Please note I have ONLY tested this on 1.16. I will provide support for any version, but if your version is below 1.13, I will not go out of my way to add major changes for you. Update your server, there's no reason not too.

You can find the documentation here on skUnity docs!

Hopefully this add-on works well for you, but in the off-chance you find any bugs or things that don't work, or you have a suggestion, feel free to create an issue on the issue tracker or ask in my discord!

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