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1.1.0 | The big update 1096 days and 13 minutes ago

Finally a new update ! Yes I know...

- ✨ The socket exchanges now communicate with JSON encrypted using a library named Alice (available here)
- ✨ BungeeSK.jar is now compiled using shadowJar
- ✨ You don't have to set the name for a connection anymore
- ✨ A bungee server is now represented with a type (%bungeeserver%)

- ➕ Effect to make a player execute a command
- Expression to get a bungee player's ip address
- Whole bungee stored variables system (global variables)
- ✨ Effect to kick a bungee player from the network
- Whole bungee messages system (you can send a custom string message to a specific bungee server)
- Effect to broadcast a message to the whole bungeecord proxy
- Effect to send an action bar message to a bungee player
- Effect to send a title to a bungee player

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✨ 1.0.3 | Some stuff and bug fixed ! 1177 days, 4 hours and 6 minutes ago

New update is out !

- ExprAllBungeePlayers throwing NullPointerException when nobody was connected (thanks @Skylyxx)
- Set API-version to 1.13, preventing bug to compatibility with 1.14+
- Communication can now work with unicode characters !
- Fixed EvtClientDisconnected
- Now checking if client is connected to a server at every request

- EffBroadcastToServer

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Lot of bug fixes and new syntaxes ! 1185 days, 21 hours and 7 minutes ago

New update is out !

- Example on the docs for EffExecuteCommand
- Addon compatibility with 1.14+ not working
- And more...

- ️ ️ Security update thanks to TPGamesNL
- ✨ ExprServerRealName
- ExprAllPlayersOnServer

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BungeeSK 1186 days, 12 hours and 15 minutes ago


BungeeSk is a Skript addon that allows you to communicate with a bungeecord proxy easily !

How to download and install ?
You can download the last available version of BungeeSK by clicking here.
Then you can drop your BungeeSK.jar file in your Bungeecord plugins/ folder and in every Spigot plugins/ folder too. Make sure you got Skript running on your Spigot servers. (If not, you can download Skript here

How to run correctly BungeeSK ?
First, you will need to connected your Spigot servers (called as clients) to your Bungeecord proxy (call as server).
Here's an example of code to link everything:
on server start:
while client is not connected: # Using a while loop to try to connect if the client is not connected
create new bungee connection: # Creation of a new Bungeecord connection
set address of connection to "" # Use this IP if the Bungeecord is on the same machine
set port of connection to 100 # This port as to be opened if the specified client is not hosted on the same machine as the server
set password of connection to "Strong password" # Complete your password here, this has to be the same as the one in the Bungeecord config
start new connection with last created connection # Sending connection request to the server
wait 30 seconds # Waiting 30 seconds between 2 connection tries, it's recommended to not decrease this value

Need support or be informed ?

- Discord server
- Documentations:

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